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for sanitary and heating installations

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Temperature from -10˚C to +120˚C
PN-EN 1074-4

Varranty 2 years

Flat damper with soft wedge sealing FAF 6100 2.5 MPa

Industrial valves / FAF valves
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    Declaration number 5/FAF

    Available sizes

    Size Product code EAN
    DN 40 APF040FAF6100
    DN 50 APF050FAF6100
    DN 65 APF065FAF6100
    DN 80 APF080FAF6100
    DN 100 APF100FAF6100
    DN 125 APF125FAF6100
    DN 150 APF150FAF6100
    DN 200 APF200FAF6100
    DN 250 APF250FAF6100
    DN 300 APF300FAF6100
    DN 350 APF350FAF6100
    DN 400 APF400FAF6100
    DN 450 APF450FAF6100
    DN 500 APF500FAF6100
    DN 600 APF600FAF6100
    DN 700 APF700FAF6100
    DN 800 APF800FAF6100

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