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Depth 100mm
Connection Uniwersal
Maximum pressure 450 kPa
Temperature 95˚C
EN 442-1

Гарантия 10 years

Horizontal steel radiator CV22 with reeded panel cover anthracite

Радиаторы / Декоративные радиаторы / Радиаторы горизонтальные / С рифленой панелью
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    Designer radiators are a perfect solution for people who appreciate the combination of functionality and modern design. The presented decorative radiator is manufactured in our factory. Thanks to that we are sure that the product is top quality and meets all European standards. Compared to a classic steel radiator, designer radiators are equipped with decorative panels on the front of the them, thanks to which they can also be used for decorative purposes. Decorative radiators are also available in white and with a decorative panel with flat panel cover.

    Declaration number 6/GSN
    Height 600

    Available sizes

    Size Product code EAN
    400 V22600X040PDA 5906489954085
    600 V22600X060PDA 5906489954092
    800 V22600X080PDA 5906489954108
    1000 V22600X100PDA 5906489954115
    1200 V22600X120PDA 5906489954122
    1400 V22600X140PDA 5906489954139

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    Horizontal steel radiator CV22 with reeded panel cover white