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Connection Mid-bottom
Maximum pressure 450 kPa
Temperature 95˚C95˚C
EN 442-1

Гарантия 10 years

Vertical radiator with reeded panel cover anthracite

Радиаторы / Декоративные радиаторы / Радиаторы вертикальные / С рифленой панелью
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    A vertical designer radiator will be perfect for places where high heating value is required, and at the same it is prefered not to allocate the entire wall to a traditional horizontal radiator. Installation of a vertical decorative radiator allows to make use of the height of the room and completely change its appearance. Vertical radiators have a bottom connection, so their connection does not require reconstruction of the heating system. Decorative radiators are also available in white and with a decorative panel with flat panel cover.

    Declaration number 7/GSN
    Height 1600

    Available sizes

    Size Product code EAN
    400 GSDP_V211600X040ARF 5906489963575
    600 GSDP_V211600X060ARF 5906489963612

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